Thailand Transportation

Thailand Transportation

International Flights

Most international flights are available, with most international airlines companies leaving from Bangkok, sometimes Phuket, and Koh Samui (for Singapore). Any local travel agent should be able to get your ticket to any destination in the world. Bangkok airways has a few international destinations, Cambodia and Singapore with combined flights in Thailand.

Domestic Flights

Thailand has recently seen the birth of a number of budget airlines. That’s good news for the traveler. Not only are prices lower, but more routes have opened and more seats are available.

Airport Tax

Thailand airport tax is never included in your international ticket. Wherever you bought your ticket, you will always have to pay this tax when leaving Thailand, on check in.

Airport tax for international flights is 500 Baht. Inside the country, for most airports, the tax is 50 baht, and will be added to the price of the fare when you pay your ticket. Exceptions are Samui Airport tax, 400 baht, and Sukothai airport tax, 100 baht, since both airports belong to Bangkok Airways. You will have to pay these taxes separately when you check in.


Thailand has a well developed train system, and any local travel Agency should be able to sell you tickets. We recommend for high tourist seasons to book your tickets in advance.

The train Samui/Bangkok is a combination train Bangkok/Surat Thani and express-boat (3 hours) Surat Thani/Koh Samui. The night train with sleeping-berths, air-co or fan, is quite an interesting transportation experience of the Thai way of life. Your initial sits will be turned into to superposed berth, with clean sheets and pillow by the train staff. A curtain will protect your intimacy. In the morning, the same staff will set everything back.


Buses are a main form of transportation in Thailand. Everything from no air-con, strap-hanging required, stop at every intersection local klunkers; to 3 across seating on air-con VIP express buses with attendants, snacks and a meal included. Prices vary from cheap to reasonable


Use the official “Taxi meters” when you can. On arrival at Bangkok airport, for example, go outside to the Taxi-meter desk, give the attendant your destination and she will give you a card and point the taxi. When arrived to the hotel, you pay him the amount on the meter + 50 baht for picking you at the airport, and the tip you want to give. This is by far the best and cheapest way.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk-tuks are legendary and initially appealing three wheeled vehicles used extensively in larger cities around Thailand for local transportation. They can be quite uncomfortable in the heat of Bangkok, especially when waiting in one of Bangkok’s infamous traffic jams. Would you really rather be breathing exhaust fumes? Tuk-tuks and reasonable facsimiles serve a useful function in the provincial towns