Thailand Nature and Environment

Thailand Nature and Environment

What are you looking for in a holiday? Sunbathing on a white sandy beach? An elephant ride through a steamy tropical rainforest? Kayaking through a rugged marine archipelago of limestone cliffs and islands? How about rafting, mountain biking, bird watching, snorkeling or scuba diving? Or perhaps your favorite water sport, in a truly natural setting? Apart from its kaleidoscope of historical and cultural sites, Thailand has all the natural attractions a tropical country can offer. Thanks to its extraordinary length, 1620 km from north to south and 780 km from east to west, Thailand has the most diverse climate and landscape in Southeast Asia.

Thailand’s nature is immensely and distinctively varied from region to region, from the forested mountains and lush valleys of the north, fertile agricultural areas of the Central Plains, to the beautiful beaches and islands of the south. Thailand’s natural blessings also include an amazing array of fauna and flora, tropical fruits, hardwood, bamboo trees, flowers and much more.

A lot of travelers to Thailand have itineraries that combine several activities in one journey. The convenience of air travel and an effective transportation network makes everything possible in a single trip to Thailand.

Whether you are traveling alone, with friends, family, or as a couple, Thailand nature is suitable for every taste. Mountains, jungles, whitewater rapids, beaches, coral reefs, historical parks-Thailand has it all.

If you like, you can join an organized tour group to visit the isolated hamlets of the northern hill tribes. Or you can experience the thrill of a raft excursion down one of the many fast-flowing northern rivers, coupled with elephant rides through the dense mountain jungles.

Or is it Thailand’s amazing tropical beaches and islands that you’re interested in? The south of the country has some of the finest beaches in the world. The large islands of Phuket and Koh Samui offer tasteful resorts in unspoilt environments, popular among European families. Nearby Phangan Island attracts the younger generation of international globetrotters, with its cheap beach bungalows and excellent snorkeling. Further north in the Gulf of Thailand, Ko Tao has some of the best diving sites in the area.

Even better diving can be found off the Andaman coasts. The protected coral reefs of the Similan, Surin and Tarutao Marine Park archipelagos offer staggering undersea beauty.

Over the past two decades, a sophisticated travel industry has evolved to meet the international trend for eco-based tourism. Fortunately, Thailand’s wealth of Nature attractions enables it to respond to the diverse needs of travelers. Backed by the spontaneous hospitality of the Thai people and great cuisine, your vacation to this amazing wonderland will be one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime.