Thailand Festivals

Thailand Festivals

With its ethnic and cultural diversity, Thailand has a kaleidoscope of festivals and ceremonies up and down the country to attract the traveler. Take part in one of these festivals and ceremonies to get a real appreciation of Thai culture.

Thailand – is the country of “sanuk” (fun) with many festivals happening throughout the year. Some provide cultural insights, others are good for shopping bargains, while others simply make your visit very special…. Lose yourself in ancient traditions, vibrant ceremonies and the joy of the people revelling in the best of Thai culture.

Thai people celebrate at the drop of a hat, so there are several reasons and various occasions to hold festivities throughout the year. Festivals and ceremonies in Thailand can be roughly categorized into religious, social, regional and official royal ceremonies.

Religious ceremonies are normally performed on important Buddhist holy days. These include Makhabuja, Visakhabuja, Asarnhabuja, Khao Phansa and Ok Phansa day. The ceremonies, celebrated by most Thai Buddhists nationwide, are officially proclaimed as national holidays as well.

The most important social ceremonies, which help unite people at the national level, include Songkran and Loy Kratong. Both festivals are celebrated among the majority of Thai people and are even recognized worldwide. They are traditional Thai festivals, which have been carried out since ancient times. Anyone can join in the fun of these very special national festivals.

The most distinguished festivals and ceremoniews include the Rocket Festival in Yasothon (in May), Poi Sang Long Festival in Mae Hong Son (in April), Phi Ta Khon Festival in Loei (in June), Vegetarian Festival in Phuket (in October), and Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchathani (in July).