Phuket Spa Resorts

Phuket Spa Resorts

The perfect treatment after a hard day’s sightseeing would be to head for one of the numerous spa resorts in Phuket and let their professionals soothe your aches and tension away.

Phuket has evolved into a major center for spas and wellness in recent years. Several world-class spa resorts have been built on the island, and all of the island’s top resorts are scurrying to either expand or develop their own in-house spa services. Many offer a blend of Eastern and Western techniques in a tranquil environment, often at lower prices than spas with similar standards of service and luxury in the West.

From day spas to resort spas to fitness and brand-name spas, Phuket offers travelers an unrivaled spa experience that blends old-world techniques with innovative technologies amidst the beauty and unique cultural traditions of Asia.

A lot of major hotels in Phuket offer spa treatments. Each has a specially designed spa and equipment, with attractive packages for various budgets. Experience a wonderful time in the hands of professional consultants and masseurs. Some packages offer a combination of two or more of treatments.

Phuket offers such an extensive host of treatments and programs in various spa centers and spa resorts that it has become known as the health spa center of the region.

Phuket Spa resorts offer a retreat into the sensual world. Soothing and tranquil, leave stress behind as you sample the essential oils, exotic herbs and Thai massage techniques guaranteed to nourish your body and feed your soul.

Let the centuries-old beauty and health treatments from Southeast Asia relax and rejuvenate. It’s an experience that you will surely return to, again and again.

In Asia, health and beauty treatments have traditionally focussed on harmony between the mind, body and spirit – through massage, meditation, and herbal medicine. Based on a combination of Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese principles, still in use today, the ancient herbal remedies, steam compresses, natural ingredients and simple principles have found a new lease of life in the Asian Spa.