Koh Samui Shopping

Koh Samui Shopping

From market stalls piled high with fake watches and sportswear to upmarket antique shops, gems and juwelry shops, shops offering all kind of souvenirs and tailors. The Koh Samui shopping area’s have something to satisfy every shoppers. Bargain hard for purchases be friendly but not affraid to walk away if you don’t like the price. Almost all enclosed shops have fixed prices.

The major villages of Chaweng, Nathon, Lamai and Maenam all have central commercial districts. Nathon is ideal for daytime shopping with a very wide variety of stores and a market. Chaweng has many high street shops and also at night, open late, is a street market and the newly opened Tesco Lotus superstore where you can buy many well known items.

Many souvenirs, clothes, jewellery etc. are produced on mainland Thailand and brought to Samui. By comparison to Bangkok or Chiang Mai some products may not seem like the bargains you had hoped they would be. But they’re still likely to be less expensive than they are at home. Try to make the best purchase possible and get a fair price.

Many labor intensive items are produced locally, such as custom tailoring, and some of the handmade crafts found on the market. There are also several jewelry manufacturers on the island. Many of these items can be bought at very favorable prices.

A bargaining tip: Smile when you say “that seems a little expensive!” Thai merchants do not respond well to aggressive, loud, or insistent tactics. You may consider yourself a good negotiator, but remember that in the Land of Smiles, the friendlier and calmer you remain, the better deal you are likely to get.