Koh Samui Restaurants

Koh Samui Restaurants

Food, glorious food! Nowhere else is this more true than in Koh Samui where food lovers can find such a wide range of cuisine in such a compact area.

Samui is labeled ‘paradise’ not only for its tropical beaches and friendly people. Lately it’s become known for the culinary excellence you’ll find in the many restaurants too.

Koh Samui has restaurants, more restaurants and even more restaurants! Start with local Thai food at one of the small Thai street stalls or family run Thai restaurants, where you will taste some delicious authentic traditional specialities and gorgeous seafood, then for a contrast, try Royal Thai cuisine at one of the countless Thai restaurants, just sooo… good. If you’re missing the food from your home country, you’ll find it somewhere on Samui.

Koh Samui has an abundant choice in international restaurants, Thai speciality restaurants, bakeries, noodle shops and street stalls. Many international cuisines are present all around the island. Besides Thai food, there are many restaurants serving Italian food like pastas and pizzas. Only a few are specialised Italian restaurants.

The countless international restaurants serve Western food with a Swiss, German, English or French accent, mostly depending on the origin of the restaurant owner. Although rare, there are restaurants specialised in Brasilian food, Japanese food, Mexican food or vegetarian dishes. Compared to the main land there are many seafood restaurants with a choice of Red Snappers, Lobster, Shark, Jumbo Prawns or Baracuda

Koh Samui also offers a variety in atmosphere as it come to choose a restaurant. A terrace overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, a secluded tropical garden or an airconditioned restaurant with or without live entertainment.

So take your pick – restaurants in hotels, restaurants in shopping centres, restaurants on the seafront – Koh Samui restaurants are EVERYWHERE!