Koh Samui Real Estate

Koh Samui Real Estate

Koh Samui has a rapidly growing international community and the real estate market is booming. Purchasing (leasing) land, property or houses is not as cheap as some years ago, but hardly anybody seems to bother. The real estate and construction business on Koh Samui is flourishing like never before. This attracts professional services and suppliers who contribute largely to the success of the real estate and property business as well as to the satisfaction of the clients. There is still a lot of residential and commercial real estate: land, houses and businesses for sale, and properties to develop.

On Koh Samui you will find everything for your residential and commercial real estate needs Рarchitects, construction companies, legal experts and professional construction design and drafting.

Foreigners can normally not own freehold land in Thailand. Alternatives are, Long Lease property up to 30 years with extension options, or buying a house or business – separate from the land it’s on.

The prices range from moderate to expensive depending on the location and exclusivity of your project. If you prefer to let others handle the whole process for you, you will find a wide range of real estate agents, housing development companies offering all kind of houses and villas in various locations and resorts. Renting a house on Koh Samui is not a bad option to start your residency on Koh Samui. You create time for yourself to climatise, find the appropriate real estate agents and get to know the island.

Rental houses on Koh Samui range from an unfurnished simple one room house at 2.000 THB per month to luxurious houses up to 5.000 THB per day. You can ask a real estate agent or just get in touch with as many locals as possible and ask around.