Bangkok Restaurants

Bangkok Restaurants

Bangkok is one of the world’s great cities for eating out. Bangkok is home to thousands restaurants, taverns, noodle joints and assorted fast food outlets, offering a staggering variety of foods, not just Thai but from all corners of the globe. And to eat out in Bangkok is simultaneously to explore a vital aspect of Thai social culture. Eating out in Bangkok is no longer just about food, it is an art form of the highest order.

Hungry? Or just curious about what other tempting dishes are available in Bangkok? While Bangkok offers some of the best Thai cuisine, the city also offers food from all over Asia. From spicy Thai salads to Vietnamese spring rolls, from Chinese Dim Sum to Indian curries. Not only will you find an extensive choice, but also very reasonable prices at many of Bangkok’s great value Asian restaurants.

Thai Restaurants

A huge choice and predictably all good. A number of Thai restaurants offer a classical dance performance or traditional live music to accompany dinner for a great dining experience. Have dinner in an old Thai style or colonial house, or down by the riverside. Sample classical Thai dishes, specialities from the regions, especially the north and north-east, or a seafood barbecue with delicate dipping sauces.

Chinese Restaurants

Quick snack or sumptuous dinner? No shortage of places to eat Chinese food in Bangkok which vary from the humble noodle shop to very expensive hotel dining. Dim Sum lunches, seafood dinners and items not always on the politically correct eating list like Sharks’ fin can be found
in most smart hotels where a good Chinese restaurant is often patronised by local businessmen as well as visitors.

Japanese Restaurants

The Japanese community in Bangkok has quietly settled in over the last few years making their mark on Bangkok’s culinary map. Clusters of Japanese restaurants are located around Sukhumivt soi 33 together with hostess bars around Soi Thaniya off Patpong. Go through any shopping mall and you’ll always find sushi bars or Japanese restaurants.

Vietnamese Restaurants

Not as well known as Thai cuisine, Vietnamese food offers subtle flavours and a slightly less fiery approach. Vietnamese Spring Rolls, which have morsels of minced pork, shallots, beansprouts and coriander eaten with a dipping sauce, make a yummy appetizer or snack.

Indian Restaurants

Follow your nose around the Paruhat Cloth Market area where you’ll find some great local Indian food. Curries, Thalis, breads accompanied by lassi and poppadams, a complete contrast to traditional Thai food. Unlike Chinese cuisine which has melded in some Thai dishes, Indian food remains distinctly apart . Wander around this area known as “Little India” and eat with the locals.

International Restaurants

But that’s not all! Bangkok also offers a spectacular array of excellent International restaurants. Desperate for some crepes to top-end classic French dishes? Or English pub grub? Or what about an Staek? No shortage of good Italian restaurants to eat in Bangkok either. Pick any first class or top-end hotel and you’ll find an Italian restaurant. Bangkok has them all, from Italian pizza to middle-eastern cooking, international food can be found all over the city.

You will not go hungry in Bangkok and the adventurous will wander off the beaten track to smaller street-side eateries and the best authentic Thai.